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Meet Our Farmers

At The Grain Bin Butchery & Market, we've had the privilege of providing our mobile butcher services to several local farmers. Below is an overview of some of the farmers we currently work with.

Happy Farmers, Happy Customers

Sisu Farms, River Falls

When Stefani Adams at Sisu Farms was ready to butcher pigs she had raised for her own family, she knew she wanted to use an on-farm slaughter service. She learned about The Grain Bin’s mobile butcher truck via a Facebook group for WI farmers. 


Our butchers traveled to her farm in June 2023, saving her the time and stress of transporting the pigs. According to Stefani, “Customer service was great every step of the way.” She appreciated that she could watch the entire process, have her questions answered, and was asked to provide feedback. 

Her family is enjoying their cuts of pork, which she describes as “very clean” and “super consistent.”  

And then again in the fall, Sisu Farms used our mobile butcher services to humanely slaughter lambs on behalf of their customers.

If you would like to purchase locally raised lamb, visit Sisu Farm's Facebook page to learn more or send an email to  

A herd of black and brown cows stand in a field.
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