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Custom Meat Processing

What We Do

We provide custom meat processing of beef, pork, sheep, goat, and venison from January through October.

Then in November and December, we focus solely on venison during WI's deer hunting season.

Custom Meat Processing Documents

For more information about our meat processing, please view the PDF files below. These documents will be easier to read on a desktop computer or tablet

Custom Meat Processing Brochure

View current pricing and product options for beef, pork, and venison. Prices listed are current as of February 2024 and are subject to change. 

If you are a farmer interested in on-site slaughter, please also read our Mobile Butcher FAQs

Pork Cut Sheet  &  Beef Cut Sheet

Our cut sheets list your options for processing a whole or half pig and a whole, half, or quarter cow.

This information can seem overwhelming if you are new to custom meat processing. If you have questions, please call the store during normal business hours and ask for Aron or Jason. 

A herd of black and brown cows stand in a field.
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