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Mobile Butcher

The Grain Bin Butchery & Market operates one of the few mobile slaughter units serving Menomonie, WI and the surrounding areas.

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What We Do

Whether you’re a Chippewa Valley farmer or a customer who wants farm-to-table meat, you may have questions about our mobile butcher operations. Please read through the information below, then contact us to learn more.

Mobile Slaughter FAQs


How exactly does the mobile butcher process work?


We provide on-site butchering and custom meat processing services for local farmers and their customers.

1. The farmer sells a live cow, sheep, pig, or goat directly to their customers. Animals are typically sold in quarters, halves, and wholes. 

  • Farmers set their own prices for meat. 

  • Our meat processing service prices vary. We are working on getting this information online.

Read more about how farmers benefit from mobile butcher services.

2. The live animal remains on the farm and does not have to be transported. This saves time and stress for everyone, including the animal.


3. Our mobile butcher unit drives to the farm, where the animal is humanely euthanized. We then transport the carcass to our butchery for processing. 


4. We process the meat according to each customer’s specifications: bratwurst, roasts, ground meat, etc. 



What cities does your Boyceville mobile butcher serve?


We primarily operate within a 30-mile radius of our retail store:


4548 County Rd FF, Boyceville, WI 54725

We can travel outside of that radius for an additional mileage fee, and ideally, to process multiple animals.


Our mobile slaughter service area includes farms in: 




Cedar Falls

Clear Lake




Deer Park



Elk Mound



Glenwood City







New Auburn


Prairie Farm







What animals do you process via mobile butcher?

The Grain Bin’s mobile slaughter service is available for cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. 


We do not process poultry or rabbits.



Do you sell meat processed via your mobile butcher truck at your retail store?

In accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, we cannot sell on-the-farm slaughtered meat at our store.


We process mobile butchered meat on behalf of customers who have purchased a live animal from a local farmer.

We are working on compiling a list of farmers who use our on-site slaughter services and are looking for more customers. In the meantime, if you would like to be connected to a farmer, please call our store and ask for Jason or Aron.



A herd of black and brown cows stand in a field.
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