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Ask the Butcher: How Is Bacon Made?

Several strips of bacon fry in a black cast iron skillet.
Bacon is not just a breakfast staple, but great any time of the day.

At The Grain Bin Butchery & Market, we get a lot of compliments about our bacon. Have you ever wondered how we make our bacon? Or, what part of the pig bacon comes from? Keep reading for all the yummy details.

What Part of the Pig Is Bacon From?

That all depends on what part of the world you’re in. Here in the U.S., bacon is usually taken from the pig’s belly. Other parts of the world call the bacon we eat “streaky bacon” because of the stripes of meat and fat in each strip.

You’ll notice that Canadian bacon slices are round with very little to no fat. That cut is typically taken from the pork loin. And traditional English bacon looks like a cross between U.S. and Canadian bacon—because it is. The irregularly shaped oval cuts contain both loin and a small amount of pork belly.

How Is Bacon Made?

At The Grain Bin, we start by soaking the pork belly in our housemade brine for 48 hours. Next, we smoke the meat for 6 to 8 hours before it goes through a cooling process. The meat is then packaged for our retail store, or used in creating our bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts.

In the photo below, the small wires you see sticking through the pork are temperature probes to ensure the meat is kept at a safe temperature. If you ever get a piece of our bacon with a small hole in it, now you know what it’s from!

Six slabs of pork belly hang vertically in a meat smoker.
Our bacon spends 6 to 8 hours in a smoker.

Types of Bacon We Sell

You’ll find both classic American bacon and Canadian bacon at our Boyceville butcher shop. Canadian bacon has less fat, so it can dry out if overcooked.

Better Breakfasts Start at The Grain Bin Butchery & Market

You might not think of us as a place to stock up on breakfast foods. But in addition to bacon, we also carry pancake mixes and local maple syrup. If you want to bake, our bulk section has the flour, sugar, and other ingredients you need to make waffles or muffins from scratch. We also sell granolas, oatmeal, and dry cereals.

Come visit our store today. We’re 5 miles north of Wheeler, WI, just off Highway 25 on County Road FF. Hope to see you soon!


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