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  • Cassandra Kyser

Custom Cut Meat Is Available at Your Boyceville Butcher Shop

Two raw beef steaks are placed on top of a wooden cutting board. Next to the cutting board are a bottle of olive oil, a small bowl of peppercorns, and basting brush.
Our butchers specialize in custom cut meat orders.

When you shop for meat at most large retailers and grocery stores, your choices are limited by what’s in stock. Bigger stores have a lot of inventory going in and out every day. What you see in their meat case is what you get.

They don’t have the time or resources to accommodate custom cut meat orders. But we do business a little differently at The Grain Bin Butchery & Market.

Custom Meat Cuts: What Do You Need?

As an old school butcher shop, we can cut meat to most (reasonable) specifications, including:

  • Bone-in

  • Boneless

  • Specific weight

  • Custom thickness

Have you seen the heart-shaped ribeyes we did for Valentine’s Day? We provide customer service and quality that the big stores can’t match.

What Are You Cooking Up?

We know many of you are inspired by cooking shows. Are you in the mood to try something new for dinner? Check out these classic Food Network recipes.

Keep us in mind when you need a special cut of meat for these or any other recipe.

Order Custom Cut Meat from The Grain Bin Butchery & Market

Do you need prime rib cut to a specific thickness? Or a 3-pound bone-in beef chuck roast?Give us a call. If we don’t already have it in our meat case, we can get it for you.

To place your order for a special cut of meat, call our store at 715-632-2800. Or, you can send us a Facebook message.



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