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Lake Family Farms: Farming ‘to make a better environment’

The Lake family stands in a wheat field. From left to right are daughter April, father Jeff, mother April, and son Jake.
Jeff and Kelley Lake (center) with their daughter April and son Jake.

For Jeff Lake, farming is about more than making money. As a fifth-generation farmer, it’s about carrying on a family legacy and dedication to the land. Jeff grew up helping his family run a dairy farm. Today, he, his wife Kelley, and their son Jake operate Lake Family Farms in Boyceville, where they grow crops and raise a small herd of Angus cattle.

Lake Family Farms is known locally for its beef, which Jeff sells directly to his customers. But instead of transporting the cattle to a traditional slaughterhouse for processing, he does things a little differently. Once the cattle have been sold to private individuals, they remain at Lake Family Farms. Jeff then hires The Grain Bin Butchery & Market to humanely slaughter the cattle right on the farm, where they were raised.

A herd of 15 black Angus cattle stand in a field. They have a yellow tag in each ear.
Lake Family Farms raises a small herd of Angus cattle.

Jeff describes hiring a mobile butcher truck and not having to transport the animals to unfamiliar surroundings as an “easier way” that “doesn’t get the cattle worked up.” His customers can then take advantage of The Grain Bin’s custom meat processing to ensure they get the cuts of meat they want.

Leopold Conservation Award Winner

Jeff’s stewardship extends beyond the gentle care he gives to his Angus herd. His no-till methods and placement of buffer areas between his crops and waterways have earned him the title of “agvocate” by those in the local agriculture community. And in 2019, Lake Family Farms was the Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award Winner. “We farm to make a better environment,” says Lake.

Purchase Farm-to-Table Meat from Lake Family Farms

If you’re interested in purchasing beef from Lake Family Farms, Jeff can be reached at 715-702-2467. He prefers phone calls over texts. Whole, half, and quarter beef are available.


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