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2024 Venison & Wild Game Processing Guide

An 8 point buck stands in a meadow, staring straight at the camera.

The Grain Bin Butchery & Market in Boyceville, WI, processes:

  • Whole deer

  • Deboned venison trim

  • Deboned bear trim

  • Deboned waterfowl trim

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about venison and wild game processing.

When can I drop off a deer or deboned trim for processing?

You can drop off a deer or deboned trim any time the store is open. For straightforward processing, you do not need to call ahead of time.

Store Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We are closed on Mondays. Please follow us on Facebook for holiday hours and other special closures.

How much is wild game processing?

Whole Deer - The base price for processing a whole deer (cut, wrap, grind, & freeze) is $125. We ask for a minimum $50 deposit at drop-off, with the remaining balance due at pickup.

Ground additions and products (summer sausage, etc.) are priced separately; please see below.

Deboned trim - Please see below for pricing of grind only, grind & package, ground additions, and products.

If you can't read this image, please call The Grain Bin at (715) 632-2800.

Prices are current as of January 2024 and are subject to change.

Is there a minimum weight for product orders?

Yes, you must order at least 10 pounds of each product or product flavor that you choose. Remember that the finished product will be mix of your meat plus pork; see image above for exact ratios.

How many products can I order?

You can choose up to 4 products or product flavors. We limit this because we process each order separately and want to keep our prices reasonable.

Do you process partial deer carcasses?

The processing and pricing of partial deer carcasses (bone-in) is at the discretion of the butcher. Please call ahead before bringing in a partial carcass, 715-632-2800.

Will I get my own meat back?

YES, absolutely. Your deer or deboned trim is assigned a number that will follow it throughout processing, ensuring you get your own meat back.

We do not “batch” process deer or deboned trim.

For deer, can you cut off the horns at drop-off?

No. We do not remove just the horns.

If a butcher is available when you drop off your deer, they can remove the entire head for you to take with you.

If you want to keep the head and a butcher is not available at drop off, they will remove the head and refrigerate it for you. During deer season, we ask that you pick it up ASAP, no later than one week after drop-off, even if your meat is not ready, as we have limited refrigeration and freezer space.

Tips for Field Dressing Deer

How you field dress and store your deer carcass impacts the quality of your venison. The WI DNR has an excellent pamphlet on how to field dress deer. We encourage everyone to read through this guide, whether it's your first hunting season or you're a seasoned hunter.

The biggest takeaways are (1) remove the rectum & bladder and (2) pack the carcass cavity with ice.

As always, thank you for your business and good luck hunting!


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